Stressed plants and turf are commonplace in Arizona.  An all-too-common remedy is to simply turn up the water.  This is a costly waste of a scarce resource and usually only covers up an irrigation system problem.   At Clean Cut, we believe it is essential to incorporate a more responsible, sustainable solution.  Our proactive approach includes regular visits by certified irrigation staff to properly adjust and repair your irrigation according to seasonal needs.  We start by developing a water and financial conservation program, which may include a thorough water audit.

We only water to the plant’s need.

A typical water audit includes:

  • Evaluate historic water usage data. This data will be used to compare what has been used to what should be used.
  • Calculate turf area and plant material to determine your realistic water budget goal; how much water will be required.
  • Test the existing system to ensure all the irrigation components function properly. Often, significant water savings are achieved by simply fixing and adjusting the existing irrigation system.
  • Field test each zone of the irrigation system.  The precipitation rate and efficiency of each irrigation zone is collected using specialized water collection devices, placed in a grid pattern throughout the landscape.  Usually each station or zone is tested separately. The water collected in the catch cans are measured and recorded.
  • All the data obtained will be used to provide a calculated and realistic water budget goal.
  • Finally, our certified irrigation techs will continue to perform weekly checks and maintenance of the irrigation system to monitor the progress of our established goals.